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Blueberries Crop Insurance Plans


Blueberries APH Plan

- Guarantees lbs per acre based on your yield history

- Insures against damages from: Adverse weather, Insufficient

  chilling hours, failure of irrigation water supply, fire, insects,

  plant disease, wildlife, and more


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Blueberries SCO Plan

- Annual Sales Closing Date of Nov 20

- Requires underlying Blueberries APH plan

- Guarantees 86% average yield/ price history for the entire

  county down to the coverage level of your Blueberries APH


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Blueberries Crop Hail Plan


 - Provides increased coverage on hail, fire and lightning only

- Available at affordable rates (since only covers hail, fire & lightning)


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Whole Farm Revenue Plan (Plan based solely on Annual Farm Revenue)

Guarantees your entire farm's revenue (all crops) based upon

your average revenue reported for the previous 5 crop years

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For more information and printed descriptions of available crop insurance plans, please call or email anytime and we will be happy to visit you at your farm to go over your best options.


Georgia Farmers Agency LLC

Joe Bickley, Owner & Agent


Phone:   478-244-1695

Other Crop Insurance Plans

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